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Welcome to Sunny Skyes Keepsake Baby Books

"Just About Me" and "All About Us"


"Your Baby is Special! Capture your baby's once in a lifetime greatest moments."

"Just About Me" $19.95. "All About Us" $19.95. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US excluding Hawaii.

SunnySkyes.com accepts credit cards for your online purchase! See the online form for details. Or send your check / money order to: Sunny Skyes 9382 N. Peaceful Valley Dr. Pinckney, MI 48169


"MOM, DAD, GRANDPARENTS, FRIENDS! Here's a Great Baby Book!"

One complete baby book for every huggable, lovable, adorable detail. There is nothing as special, wonderous, incredible, fabulous or fascinating as

"Your Baby's First Year ."

The "Just About Me" baby book is an easy-to-do, first year keepsake album with 58 ready-to-fill-in pages. You add your baby's photographs as they grow and develop. Record their new life experiences as they happen. Write down the memories you want to remember.

Begin your memory book before the baby arrives with a photo of the parents and a photo of mom pregnant and an ultra sound photo of baby.

There are pages for all the wonderful Baby Firsts: Day Arrived Home, Siblings, Pets, Visitors, Relatives, Dressed up, Going out, Sitting, Crawling, Standing, Walking, First Tooth, Haircut, Holidays, Hand & Foot Prints and more. You'll love the page for a Messy Face photo!

To complete this photo keepsake baby album, there are 4 pages with big pockets to keep safe the birth certificate, social security card, medical information and sentimental cards. With pages for baby's growth chart, immunization records and family tree, you will always remember your baby's first year's special events and milestones.

Holidays are always the sweetest when they are the first ones shared with your new baby. There's a place to keep this treasured memory always.

When it's time for the baby's arrival, don't forget to grab this book & take it with you to the hospital so you have it handy to write down all the birth details. Have everyone sign it & you'll never forget who was there to welcome your child into the world.

"sample pages"

These pages are for your baby's birth details. Record where your baby arrived, city and state. Who was in attendance. The date, day of week and time. Your infants length, weight, eye and hair color

There is a place for the arm bands and crib tag.

A special spot for the newborn photo and a photo with mom and baby.

"my sample pages"
"Before I was born into the world, I grew inside my mommy's tummy. That is where I lived until I grew too big to stay there any longer."

"Sometimes, mom's have ultra sound pictures taken of their babies growing inside their wombs. This picture is of me inside my mom. Can you figure out just where I am?

This is the Baby Keepsake Album for busy parents! It's a fun, easy, organized, complete 1st year album guiding you from baby's beginning to after the first year. There's no guesswork or blank pages to figure out what to do with. You can jazz it up with stickers and lace. The hard cover is water resistant. It fits on a bookshelf.

Celebrate your baby's magical moments. Protect and preserve your baby's priceless photographs, treasured memories and sweet infant details in this acid free contemporary baby book. You and your baby will love and treasure this one-of-a-kind Keepsake Baby Book. It will forever be a happy and magical story filled with proud moments of your child's once in a lifetime achievements! Always a source of fascination and information for your child as they grow.

"It's nice to be so very loved!" Your child will love this memory album of their "First Year's Greatest Achievements". And so will you!

There will never be anything quite as magical or precious as the first year of your baby's life. Or as wonderful as a parent's loving remembrances. It will go by so quickly. Don't forget to capture those precious moments! Keep your camera handy. Put those special congratulation cards in the Special Keepsake pocket. Write down those first time baby moments on the page for "the very fist time I..." The first year of a baby's life is the most developmental year of all. Remember it always.

Discover the benefits and great value of the "Just About Me" Keepsake Baby Book. $19.95. It's the perfect gift! Your solution to a great baby book!

Sunny Skyes offers a "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

To order your Keepsake Baby Book, use our online form. You can use our secure site to pay by credit card, or if you prefer, send a check or money order to the address provided at the top of this page and also on the order form. Or call 734.239.3004

Sunny Skyes was founded in 1990. "Just About Me" is now in it's 3rd edition. We are a two generation family company. We celebrate you and all those precious babies that you make happen. You all, are the life-lines to the future. Thank you! Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.



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